Situation Of A Name That Being Hope For Humanity

In this article, I gonna mention about a Project named “Elif Gizem Akkaya Science and Technology Project Exhibition (EGAP: Elif Gizem Akkaya Project) which is leading by Turkey Section Student Branches of the world’s largest technical professional organization IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Firstly, let’s inform you little bit about who was Elif Gizem Akkaya and why a person’s name is given to a Project

Elif Gizem Akkaya

Elif Gizem was a Computer Engineering Department student at University of Turkish Aeronautical Association (UTAA) In Ankara and at the same time she was continued to work as an IEEE volunteer.

She lost her life in a bombed terrorist attack that killed civilians when she was only at the age of 19 on 13 March 2016 in Ankara Güvenpark.

She left us this project’s name that can be a hope for humanity.

How EGAP Revealed?

As volunteers of IEEE Turkey Section Student Branches, we are aware of the fact that while we are experiencing the sorrow of losing Elif, we have to keep her name alive on the other hand.

At the same time as young people who studies engineering, we are aware that we have to remember Elif’s name in education, science, technology, engineering issues and we have to do it in a way like IEEE Turkey.

As believing the idea of terrorism is born and feeding by ignorance, We put forward the basic principles of the Project as hoping that if this ignorance is overcome, terror will decrease and hope it will come to an end.

 Let’s Focus on The Content of Elif Gizem Akkaya Project

As IEEE Turkey Section Student Branches, perhaps our strongest part is the communication system that we have. We should integrate our communication system to this Project if we want people to remember the name of Elif and reveal a Project for the benefit of humankind.

We can say the Project’s main purpose is to make the younger generations out of ignorance,  instill the concepts of science, technology, and engineering and also raise awareness of going to a university.  In line with these objectives, the IEEE student branches in universities who voluntarily provide support to the Project are choosing a high school to give practical technical training in the fields which that they choose by themselves.

Months in training in basic electronics, robotics, coding, energy, biomedical and many more other fields, while high school students making technical improvements, on the other hand, they gain the necessary awareness of going to university and engineering professions.

What is the Project Exhibition?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the full name of the project is “Elif Gizem Akkaya Science and Technology Project Exhibition”.

After months of free training, high school students who have developed themselves in theory and practice are putting out their own projects with their own efforts and knowledge with the materials provided to them.

They get the opportunity to present their projects in an exhibition day, which held in the spring semester, attended by academics, university students, IEEE volunteers, the press, and as well as high school students from different cities who trained within the Project.

Project presentations on the exhibition increase the self-confidence of the students while they also had a great communication experience with academicians, university and high school students they meet.

At the same time, a memorial program of Elif Gizem Akkaya and other martyrs on 13 March takes place on this exhibition day.

How is The Project Coordination Provided?

In this Project, which initiated and carried out by IEEE Turkey Section Student Branches, each year the coordinators elected by democratic elections undertake the coordination of the project according to their job descriptions.

Coordinatorships are as follows;

•    Project Coordinator

•    Institutional Relations Coordinator

•    Sponsorship Coordinator

•    Press-Publicity Coordinator

•    Responsible Coordinator

•    Exhibition Day Coordinator

Now Let’s Make a Brief Description of These Tasks.

The Project General Coordinator ensures that all processes related to the project are managed during the year and supervises and leads them other coordinators so that they can work effectively.

The Institutional Relations Coordinator makes official correspondence throughout the year, especially with the MEB and works to improve the institutional structure of the project.

The Sponsorship Coordinator conducts collaborations for material and spiritual needs that are needed during all stages of the project from material support provided to high school students to the transportation of students and the projects on the exhibition day.

The Press-Publicity Coordinator works to promote and publicize the project and its activities in an effective and accurate manner both within the IEEE and in the national and international field, especially the target groups of the project.

Responsible Coordinator oversees the operation of the IEEE branches supervise the operation of the project and provides general communication. It is in continuous communication with the branch heads and branch officers.

The Exhibition Day Coordinator is the person who organized the exhibition which will be organized at the end of the project year. The coordinator is chosen by the host branches and Works for to make the exhibition day more efficient.

What Can You Do?

If you are saying I want to support this project, but I do not know what I can do; you can offer sponsorship support to meet the supplies or other expenses needed within the scope of the project, provide trainings within EGAP or coordinate these trainings.


You can share this article for reaching more people, one of the main goals of the project, and follow us on our social media accounts below.

Why Do We Do It?

The people we work with in many universities and cities, throughout the country for the same purposes and the people we feel a lot of friendship, are an important part of our lives.

We are the volunteers of this project in order to remember the name of Elif who is one of these pieces, to complete her dreams and to show a reaction with the name of Elif throughout the country to the ignorance that took her from us.

Because we know that when the project spreads throughout the country, we will move a lot of darkness away from, we will close the doors of ignorance and open the way of science for them.

And of course, We will have laid the foundations of “technology for human benefit”  which they will produce with engineering.

We can change a lot!

Thank you for reading,

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Press- Publicity Coordinator of Elif Gizem Akkaya Project


– Translator – Bilge ÖZCANBAZ


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